I am pregnant!

When I found out that I am pregnant, I got speechless and surprised. I thought that the two lines on the first pregnancy test strip was just wrong. So I took another one and it showed the same. Me who was still in shock and disbelief, took the last test strip in the box. The result was still the same. The first thing that got into my head was my goodness, I’m pregnant! I did not know what should I do first because this is my first pregnancy if ever. Even if the strips told me that I am indeed pregnant, I still denied that it is true. So I bought another pregnancy test kit on the same day, this time a more trusted one and guess what, it turned out positive as well. Not only the last test kit showed positive, it indicates also how many weeks I was on the way. According to the result I was pregnant 3+ which means I was already 5 weeks.

So am I happy? Well the thought of becoming a mom is a good thing but scary. Imagine, I am carrying a living human being inside me! But I am happy! Specially when I saw the reaction of my partner. He could not believe it himself too, but he wants to have babies already so the news made him really glad.

The pregnancy was confirmed by my doctor. The HCG test from the clinic matched Clear Blue’s test kit. I was 5 weeks pregnant he said. Then he asked me if I wanted to keep this. Of course I said yes. I think the reason he asked because he wanted to know if I wanted to abort the pregnancy, since abortion is legal here in Norway as long as the pregnancy is not older that 12 weeks.



All of the strips with 2 lines.
5 weeks pregnant